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It's SOLegal to Boost your Grades.
Excel as a Law student with our one-on-one virtual tutoring and coaching services, tailored to your schedule, courses, and needs.

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We have what you need to become a student with distinction

Skilled Tutors

Get access to our hub of skilled tutors who understand your courses, make use of effective teaching methods, and take your learning pace and needs into consideration.

Personalized Packages

Learn your courses with your schedule, and at your pace with our packages that are tailored to meet your needs.

Effective Schedule

Get the best results with our services that are right on schedule and in a time frame that matches your semester.

Result-oriented Methods

Boost your grades with our success-driven tutoring techniques that produce distinct results and have helped several Law students improve their GPA.


Easy-to-follow Steps

Choose the service.
Start by choosing our tutoring sessions if you need live tutoring for your courses or our coaching services if you're struggling with studying and maintaining balance as a Law student.
Sign up for our sessions.
Sign up for our sessions, choosing a pricing package that suits your budget.
Get onboard.
Complete the onboarding process by giving us details about your courses, preference time, and other necessary information. No confidential details will be requested and your privacy will be respected.
Get live tutoring.
Receive regular tutorials and check-in for a 3-month period, including access to our research materials and exam prep sessions


Here's why Students Choose Us

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Student-focused Services

Our tutorials and coaching sessions focus on our student clients. We schedule and pace sessions according to your time preference and learning needs.

All the help you need

We provide all-round assistance for Law students. Students who need help with problem courses can benefit from our tutorials and our coaching sessions are best for students who have challenges with learning or balancing school with outside-school life.

Remote Learning

Learn remotely. Keep up with learning even amidst pandemics and unfavourable conditions. Study with our qualified tutors, from the comfort of your home.

Real Tutors for an Affordable Fee

Rather than struggle alone with expensive online courses, get real time access to our tutors who allow you experience guided learning, without having you break the bank.

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Everything You Need to Excel as a Law Student

Tutors trained in 50+ courses

Live-tutoring sessions with exam revisions

Access to research materials and case notes

Affordable pricing packages for assured results

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