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SOLegal helps Law undergraduates tackle their study challenges and maintain a school-life balance. Coaching sessions are carried out virtually with free access to coaches, student-focused activities, and regular checks-in.
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What is Coaching?

In coaching, students are assisted by coaches in developing the needed skills for an improved overall academic performance. These include general skills such as reading and studying skills, note-taking, organisation, time management, stress management, etc. as well as skills specific to Law students such as legal research, writing, and mooting skills.

Features of our Coaching Packages

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How to Benefit from our Coaching Service

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Skyrocket your overall academic performance with one of our coaching packages

PackageDurationSkills coveredNumber of sessionsAccess to resourcesPrice
1One-off30minutes to 1hourOne out of the following: (i) effective studying, (ii) time management, (iii) stress management, (iv) legal writing.1
2Basic1 monthEffective studying + any one other skill4
3Standard3 monthsEffective studying + any two other skills12
4PremiumFlexible, for as long as 6 monthsEffective studying + any other skill(s)FlexibleRequest a quote

NB: Coaching more than three(3) skills for the duration of 1-6 months falls under our Premium plan.

See the full list of the skills we cover below:

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