Where to Find Free Learning Resources for Law Students

Getting study materials – cases, explanations of concepts, and other learning resources for Law students can be tough.


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As a Law student, it is sometimes challenging to find what you need, when you need it. Getting study materials – cases, explanations of concepts, and other learning resources for Law students can be tough.

To help, we have compiled a list of places to find learning resources on the Internet for free! This list would help your studying Law so much easier and would save you some cost. Let’s get to it!

Law Sites Where You Can Find Free Learning Resources

1. Lawpadi.com

Lawpadi.com is an online platform that provides clear and easy-to-understand information about the law. Reading from law textbooks could be very complex and deadly confusing. Fret no more! Studying does not have to be that hard, which is why lawpadi is there to help you out.

2. Mondaq.com

Mondaq.com is a knowledge research site that provides free information on the law in the form of articles written by legal professionals across various firms. If you are looking to find topics explained with applicable cases attached, this is the place you need to be. It is completely free and easy to navigate. It is designed to help persons studying Law to understand the law.

3. NigeriaLii.org

The official website of the Nigeria Legal Information Institute is a practical online library for Law students. It provides resources under different segments. These segments are judgement, legislation, and documents. All you have to do as a Law student is load the site, click on the applicable segment and search for what you need.

4. TheNigeriaLawyer.com

This site keeps up to date with matters arising from the Supreme Court, as well as other courts. You can also get the latest news there. Plus, law topics are discussed in articles available on the site.

5. Good old Google!

You read that right. Ask Google! Type in that case or legislation on Google to find sites they appear on. This way you can get more sites to visit as you please. To access a wide database of legal academic materials including eBooks and PDFs, try Google Scholar.

It should be a wrap, right?

But no, it is not! Here’s one more.

6. SOLegal

We admit to a bit of bias here but SOLegal provides you with the resources you need for more efficient studying. The hub for Law students offers just what you need to make studying Law easy for you, including articles on several areas of law, as well as study and lifestyle tips for Law students.

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The aforementioned sites are available to you free of charge! However, if you have a little cash, here are two sites for paid resources.

Law Sites Where You Can Get Paid Resources

1. LawPavilion

Law Pavilion is an electronic law report that can be accessed upon subscription. Presently, it is the most widely recognised electronic law report in Nigeria. It is designed to cater to both Law students and lawyers. Access is usually denied upon the expiration of the subscription. Despite this, it is handy for studying Law. In fact, it is available as an app to make its access relatively easy.

2. JudyLegal

Like Law Pavilion, there is an app available for JudyLegal. It also requires a subscription, which is cheaper compared to the former. This site is available to students studying law in Nigeria and Ghana.


With this collection of eight sites to find learning resources for Law students, you’re certainly better equipped to source study materials and other information that would help you study better and improve your experience as a Law student.


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