“I Hate Studying Law” – 6 Things That Would Change Your Mind


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Only a few Law students study Law because they wanted to. Most times, it’s really just peer or parental pressure or not fully understanding whether Law is something they’re willing to invest their lives into. Whatever the case is for you, if you’ve ever thought you hate Law, know you’re not alone.

Many Law students and graduates don’t think the life of a law student (and even a lawyer) is as glamorous as outsiders think it is. But the truth is, hating the course will only make it harder to study it. So, for that much-needed mind shift, here are 6 things that will change how you see studying law.

6 Great Things about Studying Law

No, we’re not talking about the salary range or prestige. We’re talking about things a lot of people do not give any thought to –

  1. Diverse career options
  2. Easy to combine with other fields
  3. Excellent skill set
  4. Awareness of rights
  5. No dull moments
  6. Can be competitive

Let’s take a look at these in detail.

1. You have tons of diverse career options

Studying Law

One degree (the BL you obtain from Law school), several career options. You don’t have to be a practising lawyer/barrister if court sittings and arguments are not your thing. But if you do enjoy appearing in court, then go for it.

With your Law degree, you can work to become a judge, a corporate legal advisor, a law teacher/professor, or take roles in the finance, media, and social works industries.

“One degree, several career options.”

2. You can combine it with anything

This closely follows point one above. Perhaps, the best thing about Law is that there is a legal side to everything. So you can merge your Law practice with any field that you actually have an interest in. Fintech, fashion, entertainment, sports, construction, accounting/taxation, etc. are areas in which many Law graduates have found their place, away from conventional litigation.

3. The skill set is excellent

During your five years as a Law undergraduate and one year in Law school, you pick up and develop skills that will easily set you apart from a crowd. These skills include reasoning, speaking and listening skills, as well as negotiation and argumentative skills (meaning presenting your thoughts in a compelling manner, not quarrelling). With improved self-confidence, these skills altogether make studying Law worth it, besides the substantive legal knowledge you gain.

4. No one can treat you unjustly

It is only natural for a Law student to know his/her rights. After taking courses in different civil Law subjects and learning Human Rights, no one can treat you unfairly or breach your rights without any remedy for you. After all, you know what rights you have and the reliefs to claim if there are any infringements. Besides studying Law, hardly any other course comes with this benefit.

5. It never gets boring

The content of Law courses often includes cases or judicial authorities. When studying these cases and reading the judgements held by the court, you’re essentially reading true cases of the law in action. Some of what you read are interesting, some funny, others pitiful, and yet others are simply unbelievable. It can sometimes feel like you’re reading novels, rather than studying Law.

Then, when you graduate and begin working, you’ll find real situations that mirror the cases you’ve studied. That, plus the “drama” that comes with practising Law in Nigeria leaves no time for boredom.

6. It can be competitive, if you’re into that sort of thing

books for studying Law

Law is challenging, if we’re going to be honest. So, it can get competitive (you against yourself and you against your course mates for the best grades). Even outside school, it can be very competitive for those trying to climb the corporate ladder in a law (or any) firm.

If competition fuels you, this is a feature of Law that you’d like. However, even if you don’t like any competition, there’s nothing to worry about because the competition only exists for those who want it.

Bottom Line – Don’t Hate Law

If you find yourself hating to study Law, you’re not alone. There are tons of students who feel the same way and for various reasons. However, there are really good reasons why studying Law is not as bad as you think.

The six reasons in this article are just a few. And if none of these points changes how you feel about Law, you should still have that change in perspective because how you view Law greatly impacts how easy it would be to deal with the course. Getting assistance from a legal coach can also help you deal with any aversion you have towards studying Law.


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