10 Essentials for Surviving Long Lecture Days


Survive long lecture days

On some days, lectures just go on and on and never seem to end. Those days can be draining. If you’re studying Law in a public university, for example, you’re likely used to long lecture days.

Often, there is a lot of rush, trying to cover bulky course content for a short semester (no thanks to strikes). The result is a tight class schedule that leaves you jumping from one class straight into another. Or, you could end up having some days of the week with lectures going on for 6 or more consecutive hours.

It’s really easy to get fatigued – physically and mentally – with timetables like that. But, with some pacifiers, you can push through each long lecture day until the entire semester (and LLB journey) is over.

You might not be able to change your class schedule and avoid long lecture days but you can at least make it bearable. In this article, we put together all the ‘lifesaving’ things you need for surviving those long lecture days.

Your Survival Kit for Long Lecture Days

student tired after long lecture days

1. A planner

Having a planner with your class schedule included lets you avoid being caught unawares by a day filled with a surfeit of lectures. If you have a planner (and you should), put it to good use by writing out all the classes you’re to have every day of the week. Include the times for these classes so that you can tell which days would have you sitting for hours and for exactly how long.

2. Proper Preparation

Now that you know when to expect hectic, long lecture days, it is important to prepare to face the day. Proper preparation for long lecture days SbC wasbegins the day before. If you catch some good sleep the night before a long day, you’d feel well rested and with sufficient energy for the new day.

Also, try not to skip breakfast. You need the fuel to run on. Plus, hunger is the last thing you’d want to worry about when you have to pay attention through hours of lectures.

Preparation also includes reading before the class. That way, it’s easier to follow through the lecture rather than constantly check the time. And time moves quicker when you’re not looking at it.

3. Comfortable clothing and seat

Agreed, everyone has to wear the same thing. Still, you need to make sure your clothing is comfortable and suited for the weather. That means no tight clothing and no suit jackets if the weather is hot (except Faculty rules require wearing jackets as mandatory).

If the weather is chilly or the air conditioning in the class usually leaves you feeling cold, then layer your clothing to suit the weather. Just be sure not to break the acceptable dress code of your Faculty. For example, if sweaters are banned but you don’t feel warm enough in your suit jacket, then you might want to wear something to keep you warm beneath your shirt before throwing on your jacket.

Choose comfortable seats for long lecture days

As for seating position, try to find a seat that’s comfortable so you don’t have to wince and continuously shift on your seat while the lecture goes on. Agreed, there may be little you can do in this regard since lecture theatres usually have uniform chairs – and they aren’t always comfortable (some are).

Still, you can make decisions such as not to sit next to the window (it might be too chilly and open to distractions), at the back (easier to get distracted and usually harder to keep sight of your lecturer), or on the seat closest to the AC.

Circumstances vary, so while there is no rule on where is best to sit, find what works for you and stick to it.

4. Water bottle

You can either buy a bottle of water every time you head to class or get a reusable water bottle for the semester (the better option for the environment). Either way, water is important to keep you refreshed throughout your day.

Dehydration can cause you to easily tire out. Besides being bad for your health in the long run, it makes sitting in class for long lecture hours even more difficult.

5. Something to eat

If you can, grab snacks along with you while going to class. They’d come in handy during the less than 10 or so minutes between the last lecturer’s exit and the arrival of the next. If you get really hungry while the lecture is ongoing, you can take a few bites too. But make sure it’s something not distracting – shouldn’t be loud or have a strong smell.

Avoid this for lecturers that are expressly clear and strict about not eating in class. In such a case where you’re finding it hard to concentrate because you’re absolutely starving and your lecturer has strict class etiquette rules, take permission to leave the class. Then grab a quick bite and return.

6. Mint

Mint contains menthol, with stimulating properties. So, taking some can perk you up and help you stay alert. Just be sure to be considerate of others by being careful not to get noisy with the wrapper. And don’t chew gum during lectures as it can be distracting and land you in trouble.

7. A distraction

Doodle during long lecture days

Yes, we said it. Ironic but effective. During a series of consecutive lectures, you may begin to become tired and lethargic. If so, take a mental break and allow yourself to zone out.

You can do a quick number count. Or doodle. Be careful, however. The goal is to give your head a break, so you can focus and feel better. So, don’t get lost in it. And avoid distractions in the form of texting, reading another topic or course, as well as anything that takes your mind off the lecture.

8. Class engagement

An effective way to get through a long lecture day is to not think of how gruelling it is. Get engaged in the classes by doing your best to actively listen and take notes. Time goes by quicker that way.

Also, ask questions and offer answers to questions your lecturer asks. In either case, you may use the opportunity to stand up for a while. It’s brief but it’s something.

9. Self-given breaks

Your timetable may not give you breaks between classes but if you really need one, then you should give yourself one. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should leave the class the moment you feel the slightest bore.

But if you begin to feel sleepy or extremely exhausted and need to take in some air, then it would help to obtain permission to leave. Get a few minutes off to refresh and reset. Just be sure to return.

10. An incentive for the long day

Reward yourself after long lecture days

It would be easier to get your mind and body to get you through a long lecture day if you have an incentive to look forward to. It might be a treat, movie night, or shorter study time for the day. Whatever it is, give yourself a reward to make the long day worth it.

Final Thoughts

You just might be able to avoid the long-lecture situation by negotiating with your lecturers. A short break between lectures, even if as little as 5 minutes can do a lot of good. If you do get such a brief time off, maximize it by stepping out to get a stretch and some fresh air. Just be sure to return in time for your next class.

Even though it’s a tempting option, don’t miss classes except there’s an emergency. Long-hour classes are usually high-stake and have a lot of information packed in them, which you shouldn’t miss. Else, you’d be struggling to catch up. With proper planning and a survival kit (basically everything we’ve talked about), you can get through a semester of long lecture days.


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