10 Things to Know If You’ve Been Admitted to Study Law in Nigeria


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Wow! You’re in! You have been offered provisional admission to study Law for 5 years (+ x, depending on several factors). You probably don’t have even the faintest idea about studying Law. What would you do? Well, worry no more. We’re here to help. Here are ten things to know if you have been admitted to study law in Nigeria.

10 Things to Know If You’ve Been Admitted to Study Law in Nigeria

1. Calm down

You really need to calm down. It’s exciting – all of it! The fact that you’ll wear the wig and gown someday in the future and that you would speak ‘big grammar’ only to be understood by your learned colleagues. The truth is you’ll understand close to nothing in this article if you are boiling in a pot of excitement. So, take a deep breath, calm down and proceed to number two.

2. You would still be wearing a uniform

One of the reasons most of us were excited to leave secondary school was because we were leaving our identifying marks in the name of uniforms behind. Sorry to break it to you, but, dear Law student, you would assume a new uniform that identifies you as a person studying Law – white and black. How you get to style it would depend on your institution and what is allowed.

3. Time management is important

Before you resume your first day as a Law student, you would be grateful in the future if you hone your time management skills now! There’s a lot to do as a Law student and you’re only allowed 24 hours like everybody else.

4. Early birds make it

Believe us, we know. There’s usually a trailer load of work to complete. Would you like to know a secret to manage this “problem”? Start early. Law students who start to study earlier in the semester find it easier to cover a large percentage of their course outline before the onset of tests and exams.

5. Textbooks are necessary (and expensive)

Study law in Nigeria with textbooks

It is hard and next to impossible to excel when you study Law in Nigeria only by buying handouts, materials, and notes. Textbooks help you scale through easier. If the cost will make it a challenge to own textbooks, you must make the library your close companion.

6. LLB doesn’t end it

We know your admission letter said 5 years. However, any person admitted to study Law in Nigeria should know that there is an extra year after that for law school. In law school, you’re expected to write and pass the final bar exams for your BL degree, before you can practice law in Nigeria. 

7. To everyone, you are “the law”

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or a finalist, everybody expects you to know the law. Do not be surprised when friends and family members solicit legal advice from you. It is the perk (or not) that comes with being a Law student.

8. You can have a life outside law

Studying Law does not mean your whole life should be law personified. We have mentioned a few things that might make it seem that being a Law student is like wearing a straight jacket. The good news is, you can live life outside your study of Law. Why! Some Law students have multiple streams of income. Others still make out time to “flex”. You can too! Much would depend on how well you manage your time.

9. Research skill is a must-have

Being a successful Law student means being an avid researcher. From finding case laws to finding the applicable legislation, every Law student must have some level of research skill to be successful.

10. Writing should be a lifestyle

Yes! As a Law student, you would need to do a lot of coherent writing. There can be no shortcut or circumventing this requirement.

Bonus Point to Know after Admission to Study Law in Nigeria

Networking is your currency!

Don’t live a life of abject solitude while studying Law. After all, you would need clients. Get the right contacts now.


Excel when you study law in Nigeria

Now you’ve got these points in mind, do you feel ready to begin what is truly a life-changing experience? You should. But it’s okay not to feel ready yet. Things get better when you’re in. For now, read articles to get familiar with what it’s like to study Law in Nigeria. Alternatively, have a real-time conversation with a coach. Several students agree that it helps!


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